Jeunet Story Genes Tory

-The story of Gena and 6 women-
Not only satisfies the beauty of jewelry

Pull out your original charm,

More shine

It was since its establishment in 1968

For more than half a century

"Jewelry to beautifully wear women wearing"


Gena keeps pursuing

I value it.

Supporting the creation of original works is

Color Safia's color beauty,

Represented by a rich line of originality

High expressiveness,

And bring out the beauty of the stone to the fullest

Excellent quality and technology.

I want to shine myself forever

To adult women.

Your daily

Gene is colored with crush.

Beautiful and much more beautiful. Gene More Beautifully. Forever Beautiful Jeunet.

JEUNET STORY SCENE 1 I am not one.

I use magazines as a reference, but I don't copy.

I have a favorite brand

Other trendy search is indispensable.

While cherishing myself, in various genres

To expand the possibilities and try

How to enjoy my shopping.

If the style you tried for the first time is perfect

It's like digging a treasure.

The fashion is full of encounters with new self.

JEUNET STORY SCENE 2 The most longing woman in the world.

It's been the third year since I started living alone.

At first, I went home every weekend because I was lonely

Did your family have a bitter smile?

The one who graduated from my homesick

A matching jewelry given by mom.

Nothing fun and sad, always snuggling up

I felt that warmth close to me.

There is a strength to protect important things in the gentleness

I wonder if I can be a nice woman like mom.

JEUNET STORY SCENE 3 Change the two shine into confidence.

On an important presentation day, get up 30 minutes earlier than usual

Perfect for both makeup and dressing.

The keyword is cool & feminine.

While valuing intelligence, do not forget the gorgeousness.

Even in the business scene that is on the shoulders with men

I want to cherish a feminine dignified appearance.

Head to the office if you are confident in your whole body

The power is full of power.

Let's make the curtain on the stage where I play the leading role.

JEUNET STORY SCENE 4 Let's toast with the two of those days.

If you notice, it's been 20 years since you started walking together.

It's a special night, which is different from the usual anniversary

Dress -up to gorgeous me.

You smile over the glass.

Speaking of which, even when proposing

I guess that shy smile.

The crush of the chest at that time is revived vividly.

"Please stay with me all the time"

What I can say honestly is the magic of a romantic night.

JEUNET STORY SCENE 5 Colorful crush on everyday life.

Match the walk width with a small partner

A holiday promenade where you can enjoy a stroll at your own pace.

Colored trees, outfit of the city, people's smiles.

You should be familiar with just reducing the walking speed

The usual scenery shines colorfully.

Even if there is no special thing, just improve your curiosity

Everyday is dyed in fresh colors.

A straight page updated 365 days a year

What kind of color will be satisfied today?

JEUNET STORY SCENE 6 Time to return to me as it is.

It is more effective than going on a journey than moving a body

My special refresh method.

It is a cafe time with my best friend since school days.

If the moyamoya of my heart accumulates

Gather at the usual shop at the usual time.

Both makeup and jewelry relax your shoulders

You can open your true self.

Today, I forgot the time and went to the girls' talk.

Every time I laugh, my feelings go down.

AWARDS A big response in a global jewelry show

Exhibited at the main jewelry shows of the world.
Gune's design and technical skills are highly evaluated.

● JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show Exhibition (USA)
● New York Jewelry Show exhibition (USA)
● Exhibit of Tosunjuie Show (USA)
● Exhibition of Hong Kong Jewelry Show (China)